Marie Bernais is a twenty-something freelance artist. She works as a writer, photographer, indie model and actress. She was born in California to Lebanese immigrant parents and her identity as a first-generation American and intersectional feminist inspire her work.

In addition to having a bachelor of arts in gender studies and film, she specializes in ecofeminism as it has been an important topic to her for years. She began traveling at a very young age and while she calls both California and Lebanon home, she hasn’t been able to cure her wicked case of wanderlust.

She has been living out of a suitcase in between Los Angeles, New York City, and London for the past few years. Say hi on social media to find out where she currently is in the world.

Featured on Ethical Influencers, Good Faces, Global Help Swap, and Fembot.

Photographed by Lissette Pico