10 Eco-Friendly Resources for Beginners

If you’re new to the eco-friendly movement, here’s a list of 10 helpful resources to make zero-waste, conscious shopping, and environmental activism easier.

So you want to get involved in the eco-friendly movement but aren’t sure where to start? Have no fear! I was in your shoes too and I’m constantly learning new things every day. The facts of the climate crisis may be steadfast but the information on how to combat it seems to be always evolving, so it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

As of now there’s really no universal rule on how to successfully be eco-friendly. It’s a process, and part of the process is accepting that it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to put your own environmentalist value system in place.

The brands and resources I recommend here have been very helpful in allowing me to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the eco-friendly moment. Happy tree-hugging, and let me know in the comments if you have any more questions or recommendations!

A picture of a plant… because plants go hand in hand with being eco-friendly, right? Image: Lisa Fotios at Pexels

Starting Your Eco-Friendly Journey

The four websites below were some of the first resources I looked to when starting out on my eco-friendly journey. They’re straightforward and very informative so even if you’re completely new to this you’ll still be able to build up your eco-friendly knowledge in no time.

1. Good on You

This company specializes in ranking brands’ sustainability, ethical values, and progress towards making their production goals more eco-friendly. It rates each brand from a scale of “we avoid” to “great” and also lists price ranges. Find out if your favorite brand is doing their part to be ethical and sustainable on the website or check it just as quickly on your phone while you shop by downloading the app.

2. Ecocult

This is one of the first websites I stumbled upon when I was first getting into the eco-friendly movement. I still come here to regularly fall down the rabbit hole of environmentalism and discover new movements and information. I’m a fan of their extensive archives of various articles on sustainable lifestyle topics.

3. The Good Trade

A one-stop-shop for all things eco-friendly, they cover everything from sustainable fashion to conscious travel. I would also definitely recommend signing up to their newsletter if you’re just getting started. Normally I hate signing up for newsletters, but The Daily Good is anything but annoying. Oftentimes they highlight new brands and helpful information on sustainability so I learn a lot even just by glancing through it.

4. Sustain Your Style

Here’s another website that specializes in conscious consumerism and focuses on critiquing the fashion industry. I frequently reference their page on the toxicity of the fashion industry and send it along to anyone wanting to know more about it. It has plenty of helpful videos, reviews, informative articles, and also its own recommended brand directory.

Going zero-waste means seeing less of this. Image: Daria Shevtsova at Pexels

Zero-Waste Made Easy

The four websites below have helped remove many anxieties I had about starting out on a zero-waste journey. I thought it was only something that people with extra time or money could do. But it turns out it’s much easier than it seems. I was already doing it in little ways, like using a shampoo bar and thrift shopping. These resources proved to me that going zero-waste in the ways you’re comfortable with is better than not even trying. Plus, it actually ends up being cheaper and easier for you in the long run.

5. Plastic Freedom

This blog-turned-marketplace is a UK-based website that only features eco-friendly and plastic-free products. They stock low-waste versions of literally any product you can think of and even offer refills on things like shampoo or mascara. Definitely check this site out to get inspired on which products you can switch out for a plastic-free alternative.

6. Trash is for Tossers

I learned about this blog a couple years ago when I watched a video about founder Lauren Singer’s zero-waste lifestyle. The video inspired me and this site became my introduction to the zero-waste movement. The blog is chock-full of helpful tips and articles that cover things like composting or using food that’s about to expire instead of throwing it away. Take small steps and start with the easy changes tab, pretty soon you’ll get the hang of the zero-waste thing!

7. Going Zero Waste

Here’s another great website to help get you started on living that zero-waste lifestyle. If you’re the kind of person who needs an initiative to jumpstart your lifestyle change, then the month-long zero-waste challenge might be just the thing for you. If you decide not to take the challenge, simply perusing the site will give you tons of super helpful advice on anything from DIYS to sustainability in the film industry.

8. DIY Natural

A huge part of the plastic-free movement is improving your DIY skills where you can. I’ll admit that DIY isn’t for everyone and it might be unrealistic to make absolutely everything in your life yourself. But if you want to start making your own shampoo, laundry detergent, or toothpaste this website is a great resource to have. It includes eco-friendly and natural recipes for everything from cleaning products to doggie paw wax.

Starting Out in Activism

If you want to take your eco-friendly interests a step further, joining environmental activism is an amazing thing to do. While not everyone might feel comfortable at a big protest or march, anyone can join activism in a number of ways. The sites below are fantastic places to start looking into activism and will help you decide which form of activism is right for you.

Make your voice heard with environmental activism! Image: Vincent M.A. Janssen at Pexels

9. Extinction Rebellion

This environmental activism movement is one of the largest worldwide with chapters in several countries and cities. Even if there isn’t one near you, if you’re up to the task they give you the ability to organize your own chapter. The website is also a good place to stay up to date, with news stories and a great search tab to find events to attend. It makes finding local talks, film screenings, meetings, marches or protests super easy.

10. Fashion Revolution

Here’s another good website to turn to if you don’t know where to begin with environmental activism. The website has several helpful free resources to guide you on how to take action in fighting against injustices in the fashion industry. Find free downloads of campaign materials and activism guides on how to write a letter to a brand or reach out to policymakers.

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